Friday, February 4, 2011


More then enough has kept me away for so long from blogging. I could go on for a while at least two paragraphs on why I haven't in a while but, for know I am going to skip all the stress, sickness, and motherly/wifely things and right to the stuff that has brought me back.
We have had a MAJOR snow here in central Oklahoma. I have had all week except Monday off from school. Many things have come to mind in the last four days like "why do they NOT plow the roads?" and "I love my kids so very much and they make me laugh and smile and sometimes go a little crazy to be back at work."
To kill some of our boredom we have created art, and took pictures. Plus we ventured out to feed the fish in my classroom and shop a little. Two days in a row actually. Here are some things I have created lately and somethings they have created.

Here is our new color in our bedroom. Went from an ugly olive green to this very pale gray. I decided to add the quote. (please ignore the level I forgot in the clock when hanging the quote. lol)

Here is the container the quote came in. I just loved it I had to make something with it.

Its amazing what a little Modge Podge can do. Not sure what I am going to use this for yet.

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