Sunday, June 17, 2012

Just a quick post to say how lucky my children and I are to have my husband in our lives.  He is a wonderful father and husband.  He loves his children and it shows in his actions and words.  They adore him and we are very blessed to have him.  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I am working on my TpT store this past week.  I have used this site many times and always am satisfied with the great work I buy.  Since I find myself thinking what to do sometimes in the summer I decided to join the club and start my own TpT store!  I am really excited and even though I haven't sold anything yet I have had some down loads on my Free items.  I even have 2 followers, lol.  I hope to make it a very successful place for myself.  I love making my own work and the chance to share it is very exciting.  I will soon post my blog address on there so I can share.  I want to put up a few more things.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Time!

Ok, this is long overdue.  I have neglected my blog for about a year....yes a year!  I had an interesting school year back in Kindergarten and with my amazing team that I love so much!  The best ladies ever.  However, due to a new school being built two of the four of us are moving to different schools.  I am NOT happy about that.  I am excited to meet new teachers and learn new things from this new team.
Enough of that, because it is summer time!
I am completely enjoying summer!  Time with my own two children, sleeping in, reading for pleasure when I feel like, swimming, sunning and crafting.  I also have decided to open a store on TpT.  Never did I imagine but, it is exciting.  I have about 6 items. lol!  Most are free but, that is how you get followers right?  And why not share with other wonderful teachers from all over!  One of my summer goals is to make this blog more of a priority.  I also plan to focus more on my teaching on this blog and share my ideas here.  So check out my TpT store.

Its not much but, I promise the best has yet to come.

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