Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Activities/ BLOG HOP!! Check it out!

So, this week we finished up our apple unit.  We did some fun art with our apples as well.  We made apple stamped apples, (that's a mouth full lol) and paper plate apples.  We will be working on fall activities for the next 2 weeks and I am super excited.  Here is a little example of our apples art.

In the next two weeks when we do some more on Fall we are going to make these cute trees I found last school year on Pinterest.  I made them with my class last year and they turned out so cute and festive.  I wish I had taken a picture then but here is an example from Pinterest.


Teaching My 3
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  1. Fab blog, Erin! Found you through Heather's Fall Blog Hop and will be back.


  2. Thanks so much Sue! Glad you enjoyed and I will be checking your blog out too!

  3. Love your idea of the apple cores...great addition to our Apple unit. The kids will love the idea! I could use smaller plates and do the same thing but make into a counting seeds for math

    1. Glad you like them, my class really enjoyed them. I love the idea of the mini ones for counting.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Rikki. I love your Blog! So fun!