Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mo Willems and Fall Trees

Fall is such a great time of year as a teacher.  The fresh beginning, the settling in and getting to know each other and all the fun themes.  Recently I redid my back to school bulletin board and wanted it to last for more then a few weeks.  I decided to take this great project I found on Pinterest last year and did with my class.  It was another huge success this year.  I can keep these up till at least December.  Now that sounds great to me!

I LOVE these!!  Don't you think they turned out great??  

We also did a fun author study on Mo Willems.  The author Elephant and Piggy,  Don't let the pigeon drive the bus!, and Knuffle Bunny.  Just to name a few! Any who, we recreated the art from Knuffle Bunny, Mo Willems uses black and white photography and drawings.  We made these fun pieces.  

I gave each of them a very small piece of white paper and they drew a few people.  They then glued them onto this black and white outdoor scene.  They loved this project. Fun and simple.

Hope you enjoy these great displays of awesome art work by my amazing Kinders.  Till next time ; )


  1. Love this idea. I am going to try it out.;)

  2. Thanks! Glad you like it. It really was easy and fun. The kids loved it.