Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween fun!!

I just love Halloween. The idea you can dress up as anything you want for one day or more and be something you could never be is just magical. My daughter is very insistent that she wear a 'homemade' costume which keeps me VERY busy this time of year. However, I love her enthusiasm and the fact that she is so original. Two years ago she had us all dressed as the Addams Family, and last year she was a genie, but, she focuses on details. She was Medusa this year. My son on the other hand is easier but, still likes homemade if possible. He was super easy this year. He was a skeleton. I found a sweat shirt at Walmart that had the skeleton graphics on the front and a hood that zipped over his face. I did make the pants but, they didn't take much.
I was a sweet, nice witch, who loves a little evil. lol. Here are some pictures....

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