Friday, June 10, 2011

What Movies mean to me and a review

Since I can remember watching a movie has been part of my being. I have always enjoyed watching movies of all kinds and feeling like I was a part of that story. I love reading but there is something about movies that just moves me. I have to admit that when I have seen a movie based on a book the book always win. WIth all of this said, this summer I decided to create a movie club.

There are so many book clubs out there that it is more then common. I wanted to do something different. I decided to start a movie club; women only. We have had our first "meeting" and it went pretty well with a few mishaps but I think we have it under control. Here is my review of Hangover 2.

If you liked the first one and had the humor in ya to with stand watching it you will LOVE the second. Number 2 is WAY more dirty and way more fun then the first. We find the men back together again to celebrate Stu's wedding in Thailand. With everything seeming to end quietly two nights before the wedding you know it is all about to go crazy. There is a monkey, strip club, tattoo parlor and buddhist monks. How can you go wrong with that recipe? I loved it and I want to see it again. Our next adventure is Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz.

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