Friday, June 21, 2013

Art Night

This past school year I switched schools.  It was by choice, and although the last school I was at was like "home" to me I was not happy there.  It was not my co workers by any means.  They were amazing and I miss them all the time.  My principle however was not the type of person I wanted to work for and lets just leave it at that.

I switched to another school in my district and although the co workers are not as close, (many are very friendly and amazing but, it is not the same as my previous school) I absolutely love the principle.  She is exactly what I was looking for.

As with all schools there are many different activities to raise money, or increase community/family involvement.  One thing my new school does is Art Night.  Each class makes a piece of art as a whole that are auctioned off and each child makes their own personal piece that is sold for $5 each.  Parents can make their purchase early so that they are guaranteed their child's work.  It is a great way to open our school to families and show our artistic skills.  We also have local artists come and demonstrate, or make things.  We also have some fun activities for the kids and of course food.

Each art project has to be what the teacher in charge called REAL art....not something like crayons and paper drawing.  I found my inspiration on Pinterest...go figure.  Here is what I found.

I came from a website called "Do Small Things With Love"  and you can check them out here.  I loved the idea of the washers as flowers and I knew that my kids could do this.  I decided to prime my washers and then allow them to paint them with acrylics instead of using paper and mod podging them. I also decided to paint the stems instead of using ribbon.  My changes really had nothing to do with the product but with time I had to use...classroom time.  Here is a picture of my finished products.  It is our class piece and some of the individual pieces.  

Our class project.  All of them helped in some way to create this piece. 

Here are our individual pieces.  I just love them!!  

All in all it was a huge success!  I can not wait till next year I already have some ideas.  You can also check out my Pinterest board of Arts and Crafts here.


  1. That is such a neat idea, Erin. My old school did something similar one year and it was a lot of fun. I don't feel that it was quite as art-based, it was more craft-based (we didn't have an art program so I'm not sure anyone else recognized the difference!) but it still worked well. I love the idea of inviting local artists though and making it a full art night! What a meaningful addition that would be! Thank you so much for sharing this idea (and your piece is beautiful, by the way...)

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I am glad you like the post. I really wish I could have kept the group piece, I just loved it!! I guess I could do one on my own. Thanks for stopping by and becoming my newest follower!!

  2. Erin-love this idea for a parental involvement night. I'm sure the parents loved it! The projects are adorable.