Saturday, June 8, 2013

So many things have happened since November and it is hard to know where to begin.  I love to make this blog about my classroom, teaching and my career.  But, although it is my passion I have more then one....Who says you can only have one passion?  My children and husband are my #1 passion... they are what keeps me going, who make me me.  I talk about them with my students just like my students talk with me about their families.
One thing my children do that is a large part of our lives is Scouts.  My daughter who is in 5th grade, she has been in Girl Scouts since Kindergarten and I have been the leader since 1st grade.  My son has been in Scouts since 1st grade and loves it.  One part of our Boy Scout pack is a Father/Son Bake off.  The two years he has participated he has won some kind of trophy.  He won his first year for most weird cake (a spider cake...Black Widow) and his second year he won for 3rd place in his den.  Here are his cake from this year. I unfortunately can not find the picture of the Spider cake.

His theme was camping, and I just love it.  He made the cake, I just watched over him and turned the oven on.  I added the chocolate icing and river of blue icing but, he did the rest.  I just love it!

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