Saturday, August 14, 2010

Way too long!

It feels like an eternity since I have blogged! This will not be a very long post but, I will be posting soon with pictures and stories of our trips to Ireland (!!!) and New Jersey. Tons of fun on both parts but, when we returned too much was going on. So much actually that I have not had enough time to blog. I am now a 1st grade teacher, not a kindergarten one any more. Not the most happy however, I am excited to work with my new team and to have some new experiences. This is how we grow and learn right? I may even get some of my old kiddo's back. That would be great! lol. Well maybe...

While we are talking kids, Kenna and Aidan are good. I am ready for them to head back to school. They were spoiled rotten on vacation and need a little reality check. Kenna is heading into 3rd grade! Can't believe she is half way through elementary school and Aidan is going to be a kindergartener! WOW! My baby boy is also growing up. They are driving each other CRAZY!! In return me and their father as well. I know they will occasionally fight but, my goodness lately it is like cats and dogs in this house. I will soon be posting some of my favorite crafts and ideas that I have worked on all summer. Gosh I have missed blogging = )

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