Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School Night

So we had back to school night the other night and it seemed pretty well.  Today was our first day and again not too bad.  I know that every year brings challenges and I know that we have a ton of room for improvement but, it wasn't my worst.  Thats for sure!!  I did want to share some things I am using in my classroom.

So every year I wonder how to share supplies at the tables in Kindergarten.  It is a task that may be easy for some but really it keeps my mind busy.  I wanted to keep my bright rainbow colors idea going around my room and found these awesome colorful pencil boxes and lidded cups.  I added scrap booking stickers for table numbers and stars because, our mascot is All Stars.  In the cup I put two boxes of 24 crayons, and in the boxes I added markers, 8 pencils (2 per kid), glue sticks, and a big eraser.  I have 4 per table and hope that this will work.  I will pass out scissors when needed.  Thoughts??  I'd love to hear them.  

On to the next project.  I had a 24 slot mail sorter.  It is old, gray and lets just say it.....UGLY!  It was falling apart and it is made of plywood.  I acquired it so that means it was free!!  Couldn't get rid of a free item....right??  So I used some wood glue and that fixed the falling apart issue.  Now what to do with the gray UGLY issue.  I thought about Mod Podging it with cute fabric or paper.  Sounded good but messy.  And then I had an epiphany.....DUCT TAPE!!  Here are some pics before first then after.  Again opinions??  You know I love to hear what you think.

Before = UGLY

After, side view

Front view, half way through

Other side.

What do ya think??  

Since today was the first day of school, I am going to have to blog on that at a later time.  Too tired for more.  : )  Can't wait to hear what you have to say about my projects.  


  1. Erin, I love your mail sorter and your blog colours! I can now follow your blog, but can't find a link to your TpT store - can you help?

    Wendy :)
    Teacher's Toolkit

  2. Wendy,
    I am not sure why it isn't showing up but I will look into it. Here is the link I will try and figure out where my link went that was on the blog. Thanks for the support! Erin

  3. I love the Duct Tape idea for your mailbox! Mine is made of cardboard, but I think it still would work. I am having to stay home with my daughter who had back surgery recently, so I think I will save this project until next year, since I haven't been back to school yet. I have one more week at home. She is doing great and we are both a little stir crazy, but the doc says she can't go back just yet.

    I just found your blog and I'm now following you! I would love for you to drop by my blog and sign up for my new monthly newsletter!

    Patti :)
    A Series of 3rd Grade Events

  4. I bet it will make your mailbox look great, i used 3 rolls. In case you need to know.