Saturday, July 3, 2010


What up? Maybe you are wondering Why am I starting a blog. Like I have nothing else going on in my life. Well, I am trying something new. I need a place to vent, a place I can share my interests, thoughts, and maybe a joke or two.

So, onto this coming week:
We leave for the East Coast on the 12th and I am very excited! On the 14th we (and I mean Danny and I! Yup- NO KIDS!) are headed to Ireland!!!!!! I can not express the joy I am feeling right now....well maybe I can. I never imagined that 1. Danny and I would take a week long trip with out kids any time soon. 2. That we would be leaving the country. 3. That we wouldn't have to worry who they are with and what they are doing!

So of course with joy there comes some worries, right? I am a mother and I've got too much to think about. Are they going to be good, and they going to miss me too much. Are they going to be able to wait to see us and still follow all the "rules" I have supplied for them. Oh Boy, maybe I am a little more worried then I originally thought. Four days with Diane, (grandma, their great grandmother) and five with Matt and Karin and of course cute little Ava. Some of the things I am thinking about:
Will they be spoiled too much
Will Aidan behave and actually listen
Will Aidan eat
Will Kenna get completely out of control and not calm down when asked
Will they go to bed at night without too much trouble
Will Kenna boss her brother and pick on him
I guess I could go on but, for now I will not.

I have too much else to think about and do. This week I am completing a few projects. Yup, I have started making things, dolls (ugly dolls), clothing, and tutu's. I also have to prep for a garage sale on Saturday. Not sure why I am doing this at this point but, here I am thinking of it right now. I also have tutoring for Kenna, Zumba, Zumba and more Zumba. Play date on Tuesday, shopping and multiple calls to prep for out trip. I also am worried about Beemer. Is he going to be ok? Is he going to eat? Our dog does NOT do well when we are away. Well for now I am going to stop worrying and enjoy the rest of the evening.

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