Monday, July 5, 2010


With this topic, I could probably write or type for a very long time. So many things to say about this place. I tried to boycott for a long time however, my budget sent me back. Why am I mentioning this strange yet interesting place where I can save a little bit more on food? Well, I have to go there today. Not looking forward to this trip at all. I find that since I have been on my summer break I have been going double the amount I was during the school year. Why do I despise going here? Well, I feel like I have stepped into some strange twilight zone. Ok, not all the people there are that bad, hey I shop there. lol. However, the staff and a majority of the clientele are so creepy. I have to say I have considered posting some of my sightings on that website people of walmart. But, really it is not my place to post someones picture who is just going about their day. Maybe they think the same of me. Why am I being so judgemental? Not really sure. It might be that I get a real strange anxiety every time I go shopping here. On the other hand I LOVE visiting Target. Maybe I'll stop there today. Not sure if there is enough time. If interested check out the walmart site. Some very interesting people!

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