Saturday, July 27, 2013

Little Minds at Work- Amazing Blog Share

Blog Share!  Little Minds At Work by Tara West

Little Minds at Work

Recently I was going through my Pinterest boards and looking for old pins that I may need for the upcoming school year.  You know how it goes, you pin something and forget it and then when you find it you could of used it many lessons back.  So there I was going through and came across a pin for Dollar Store Finds.  If you know me that is a must for a new school year.

I open the pin and come across this AMAZING blog by Tara West which you can find here.  This is such a fun, Kindergarten blog!  I am actually mad that I have over looked it in the past.  Tara has such wonderful quality items from her TpT store and bright, colorful, engaging ideas and products.

Some of my favorites include of course the Fabulous Dollar Finds, which includes great ideas for common products you would find at the Dollar Tree or any Dollar store really.  I also love the following Common Core posts, Word WorkMath Centers, and Writing activities.  These really are just a handful of posts and ideas I am in love with.  You really should check out her blog and get inspired like me.  Let me know what you think or if you already are aware of this fun blog.


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