Saturday, July 13, 2013

Reached My Goal Buttons!

So a few weeks back I cam across these really cute buttons on Pinterest.  What else would I be doing in the summer?
Goal Buttons, I thought they were very cute, and what a fabulous idea for my students to show off what they have learned.  It makes a big difference when they can show off what they have learned and when other teachers can say wow!  Someone besides me ; ) .  So I decided to make my own version.  Here goes-

So what do you think??  I love them.  All you need is some fun scrapbook paper, and some make your own button sets.  I got both at Michael's.  I typed up my saying and printed on regular paper.  I might add some star stickers too, but haven't decided yet.  You can make them to go with any theme or color scheme.  I thought this cute shiny paper was fun, and would stand out.  I so want to make more now.  The best part is I got the paper on clearance, it was only .70 cents!  The buttons came four to a pack and cost $3.  Not bad!

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